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Known as “The Revelator,” Prophet Larry Hill functions as a transitional prophet who, through revelatory insight given by the Spirit of God, ministers renewal and reconciliation throughout the country to believers and non-believers of Jesus Christ. Prophet Hill is immensely influential within the local church where his keen ear for hearing God has been proven and demonstrated by the accuracy of the words of encouragement, confirmation, correction and guidance spoken to individuals through his prophetic voice.

Prophet Hill began to operate in the prophetic gift at age twelve. Since that time, he has acquired classroom knowledge as well as trained in a manner that follows the footsteps of generations of prophets before him - including the biblical era of the Prophet Samuel’s school of the prophets. One such training occurred in 1987 when Prophet Hill was set apart by God for a time to be taught, mentored and commissioned in the skillful operation of the prophetic gift. In total, he has acquired over twenty years of experience in cultivating the prophetic gift and has exercised it in the areas of spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner-healing, prayer and intercession.

Prophet Hill is recognized as a “Prophet to the Nations” by the body of Christ as he possesses a reservoir of prophetic revelation for those who hunger and thirst for prophetic knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Thus, in 1997, God commissioned Prophet Hill to serve as an Apostle. With this apostolic anointing, Prophet Hill has been empowered further to educate and unlock untapped potential in individuals as well as challenge the Church to move forward in its purpose.

Prophet Hill is the founder of several ministerial organizations including Pure Heart Ministries, PH Factor Prophetic Institute (a prophetic training and mentoring centre), The Prayer Centre International Ministries, David’s Place School of Creative Arts, and Young Lion’s Prophetic and Apostolic Intercessors’ Alliance. His ministry continues in his current endeavors which include serving as the author of “Prophetically Speaking: The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness,” an online prophetic and apostolic intercessor’s magazine from a prophet’s perspective. Prophet Hill is also a radio and television personality and hosted “Let the Prophets Speak,” which aired on WREJ in Richmond, Virginia. In addition he founded and is currently establishing “Resource Centre’s” (Spiritual Hub’s), prophetic and apostolic equipping centre’s.

Several of Prophet Hill’s prophetic and apostolic training credentials include the following:

• American Broadcasting School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• The School of Ministry, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Destiny Leadership Institute, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
• Everlasting Life Bible Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma
• Prophetic Age Ministry Institute, Tulsa, Oklahoma
• The School of the Apostles and Prophets, Hallandale Beach, Florida

Prophet Hill’s future publications include the following:

• The Prophetic Culture
• Assassins to the Prophetic
• The Prophetic: “The Gateway to the Apostolic”
• Apostolic Witchcraft: “Understanding Witchcraft’s Release Through Words”
• Bewitchment of the Nations
• Character Assassins: “The Murder of My Brothers and Sisters”
• The Keys of Utterance: “Accessing the Realms of the Spirit
• Destroying the Altars of Our Fathers

Contact Information: www.myspace.com/larrychill
Favorite Preachers:
Jesus, Paul and John "The Revelator"



  Contact Information: www.myspace.com/larrychill


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